11 Best Blender Protein Shakes

Written By James Foust

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Ready to get the best protein shake of your life?

It’s all about blending it properly. With a lot of protein powders out there, it’s difficult to properly mix everything together without a high-powered blender.

Now that you have one, you can make protein shakes more delicious than ever. Let’s just jump into the recipes.

1. Oatmeal Shake

Glass Oatmeal Smoothie

Oats are not only cheap as can be, but they’re packed with protein and make a great thickening agent.

This hearty protein shake is the perfect way to kick off your morning or recover after a strenuous workout.

Blender protein shakes usually have too many ingredients, but this is super simple and helps to kick off your day successfully.

You’ll already have most of these around the house, so whip it together for about 90 seconds, and you’re good to go.

2. Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Two Glasses Of Chocolate Banana Shake

Banana and chocolate go together hand in hand, and they work out phenomenally together.

Between the potassium in the mashed banana and the instant breakfast, you’re going to feel full while getting a perfect jolt of nutrients like a shock to the system.

Whipping those together for about two minutes will reveal something smooth as butter, and delicious as can be.

Just be careful not to over blend it and turn it into a soup. If you can, use crescent ice to create a nice and thick consistency.

3. Peanut Butter Cups on Ice

Peanut Butter Cups On Ice Cream

Peanut butter is protein-packed, and a fan favorite for protein drinks.

It makes just about anything masked with deliciousness (and a bit of a nostalgic taste, too). We’re going to make it a bit thin so that the peanut butter doesn’t stiffen the drink up too much.

You don’t even know how much of a treat you’re in for. The peanut butter thickens this up properly, and if you want, you can even add a bit of ice in to freeze the whole thing.

It comes out with a thick texture, so you can always add ⅛ a cup of creamer at a time to thin it out without sacrificing flavor.

4. Berries and Cream Ultimate Shake

Berries And Cream Ultimate Shake

Super simple, super delicious shake that’s perfect if you’re running late to the gym, but you still want to get some nutrition in before you head out.

For those busy days, a classic flavor like berries and cream can be a lift to bring that mood back up.

The pineapple juice gives it that cream flavor (we know it sounds weird, but trust us on this one).

It’s what some of us call a “Quick whip”—a shake that you can just whip together in no time. Give this about 30 seconds in the blender, and you’ll be off to the races.

5. Banana Bread Shake

Two Glasses Of Banana Bread Smoothie

Who doesn’t want banana bread?

It’s like having freshly-baked, homemade banana bread in less than five minutes.

Get your ripened bananas, huddle around the blender, and get ready to drink a dessert that’s actually packed with stellar amounts of protein.

Whoever would have thought you were tossing bran flakes into a protein shake, right?

It’s what gives it that flavor profile that will have you reminiscent of homemade goods from the good ole days.

6. Choco Coffee Nightmare Shake

Choco Coffee Nightmare Shake

It’s the only nightmare that you’ll welcome with open arms time and time again.

If you’re hooked on coffee the way that most of us are, this is the perfect way to mix your coffee addiction in with your morning protein shake for the gym.

It tastes like you were being bad and got a frappe on your work break.

There are nearly sixty grams of protein-packed in this little glass, and it’ll have you feeling full all the way to the gym. It might just replace your morning coffee for half of the week. You never know.

7. Tropical Gut Punch

Tropical Gut Punch

Everyone wants to visit an island for an extended period of time.

While we can’t offer you that, this little glass of heaven can transport you there in your mind and on your taste buds.

Get ready for a tropical kick in the face (and we mean that in the best possible way).

It’s a tall order, but it’s going to have you feeling like a tall glass of water when all is said and done.

It’s not going to take more than about six or seven minutes to prepare, and it’ll be liking drinking a pina colada without all the guilt.

8. Lemon Plum Shake

Lemon Plum Shake

We realize that’s the weirdest sounding shake name, but it’s true to what’s inside of it.

Lemon helps your metabolism kickstart in the morning, but plums will fill you up with antioxidants to tackle the day and retain your energy levels.

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, because this is going to knock your socks off.

It’s simple, but a good way to imbue some protein into your morning routine without sacrificing flavor at any point.

9. Strawberry Energy Charge

Glass Of Strawberry Smoothie

Get ready for some mega protein to charge you up.

Strawberries meld so perfectly with vanilla in this simple, thick protein shake. It’ll keep you full on the way to the gym, and you’ll be itching for another serving the moment you return.

It won’t be the sweetest, but it will absolutely power you up like a light show.

Tackle the day with the savory flavor of berry on your tongue, while the touch of vanilla plays in the background. If we had to bet, this would probably be your favorite from the list so far.

10. Mineral Charge Super Shake

Shake In Glass

It’s not all about protein, but this one still has a ton of it in there.

You’ll also be getting vitamins and minerals that are usually sorely lacking in the daily diet of most Americans, so this is the perfect opportunity to supercharge your body.

You could replace the water with skim milk if you would like, but thin recipe thins out just enough to be an enjoyable and easy to a throwback type of protein shake.

You’ll only need to spin this up in the blender for about two minutes to get a perfect consistency.

11. Peaches and Cream Shake

Peaches And Cream Shake

A delicious way to end our list, wouldn’t you say?

Peaches and cream are a great combination, and this packs a serious amount of protein into the whole thing to help you bulk up in the morning.

It can be a bit tart your first go around, and if that’s the case, just add an extra tablespoon of sweetener the next time you make it.

Bulking Up Thanks to Your Blender

Are you ready to get a better workout in?

Your blender is a direct conduit to a healthier, higher protein lifestyle that’s going to bulk you up for your workouts.

One of the biggest problems with protein shakes is that they get this powdery consistency that makes it difficult to enjoy, but the right blender will take all those troubles away.

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