Best Vitamix Blender: Which One Is Best For You?

You’ve seen them on Food Network cooking shows, you’ve read about them everywhere, but now it’s time to see what makes the best Vitamix blender so fantastic. 

No matter what you’re looking to purchase, the age-old term “You get what you pay for” will follow you around. 

When it comes to functional equipment you’re going to either see a long lifespan and a worthy investment, or you’ll be wondering if the receipt is still in the junk drawer in the kitchen. 

Let’s take a peek at the best kitchen investment you’ll make this year: a Vitamix blender.

Our Reviews Of The Vitamix Blender

#1 Vitamix 001372 Blender

Vitamix 001372 5200 Blender

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The best vitamix blender, in our opinion and the overwhelming reviews from people all across the internet, is the 001372 unit. 

It’s essentially the best introductory price you can get with a top-tier Vitamix blender, and comes with all the necessary functions to get the job done.

Built out of aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, this blender resists corrosion and the toughest ingredients (berry seeds for example) so you can have it for ages to come. 

Vitamix puts the good faith that you expect from a hefty investment like this into action: you get a 7-year full warranty straight from the manufacturer, even though the purchase is through their official Amazon channel.

Spin the power on to whir up that 11.5 amp motor, which will not only chop through ice and fibrous vegetables with ease, but it’ll handle just about everything from soups to ice cream and more.

The self-cleaning mode takes thirty seconds to completely clean out the blender, all you have to do is drop in some warm water and a dot of soap, and let it do its magic. 

While the plastic containers are easy to scratch, they’re still durable enough to resist deep cuts that would cause bacterial growth. 

The pitcher would have to be replaced far before the motor base ever would.

Its ability to meld ingredients into one another is unprecedented for in-home appliances. 

Your current blender—you know, the one you have to bang against the counter to knock the ice clear—holds a minor fraction of the power that’s resting in the 001372 motor base. 

Vitamix remains successful for reasons like this: we firmly believe that this could be the last blender that you’ll ever buy.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 11.5 amp motor / 120 V
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Volume: 64 oz
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Timer: No
  • Warranty: Full 7-year warranty

#2 Vitamix 7500 Blender

Vitamix 7500 Professional Blender

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With so many models available, it’s hard to determine what is the best Vitamix blender for your needs. 

If you’re looking for a professional grade unit that isn’t going to give out on you, the 7500 unit boasts an even more powerful motor than the previous one we’ve reviewed. 

12 amps, for some context, is the same amount of motor power that professional electric tools use. Electric drills use the same power to drive through wood and steel.

So it’s powerful, but that’s not all there is to it. You’ve got the same great seven-year warranty that Vitamix consistently offers across all of their units. 

While you’re not likely to even need it, it’s peace of mind and a gesture from the company: they’re backing quality and top-tier expectations for an extremely long time. 

Your current blender likely doesn’t boast more than a three-year warranty, if you’re lucky.

Aircraft grade stainless steel blades take absolute ages to dull. There are hundreds of different grades for steel, especially stainless steel, and aircraft grade is designed to withhold extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time. As your motor goes through the motions, especially one of this power, it’s going to heat the blades up, but it’s nothing that these ones can’t handle.

Flip through ten different variable speeds and whip the pulse setting on to carefully pulverize your food into a smooth consistency, and end it all with the self-cleaning function. One reason that this ranked slightly lower than the previous model is that the self-cleaning option usually takes the full sixty seconds. A minor inconvenience, but still far better than doing everything by hand.

Not only does the Vitamix 7500 review well amongst customers, it rates high across several platforms like Amazon, Vitamix, Bed Bath and Beyond. Moreover, majority of its ratings are between 4 and 5 stars.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 12 amp motor / 120 V
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Volume: 64 oz
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Timer: No
  • Warranty: Full 7-year warranty

#3 Vitamix 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

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There’s professional grade, and then there’s those that are designed for professional use. 

The 750 is a bit on the pricier side, even for Vitamix, because it’s designed with a cool-running motor that’s ready to go all day. 

That motor reduces the heat transferring into the aircraft grade stainless steel blades, and allows for a much more cohesive experience. 

You don’t have to worry about the blender’s motor base overheating.

Professional use would be constantly having this thing on for hours throughout the day, like a coffee house or restaurant would expect. 

Since this is designed for professional use, having it in your home just means that you’re packing enough power and durability that you don’t need to worry about anything being too tough for your blender. 

Everything is under the tarp of the seven-year warranty that Vitamix puts on all of their blenders.

There’s something to be said for attention to detail with the modes as well. 

You get five pre-programmed timable modes that slur your pitcher contents into a perfect slurry, or just apply a light chop if that’s what you need. 

That goes hand in hand with the 64 oz pitcher, which is designed with measurements along the sides, as well as a spout on the top. 

That spout isn’t going to drip or be a problem, because it’s angled to run back into the pitcher (no more countertop messes).

The rubber locking lid also creates an airtight seal, and absorbs some of the vibrations from the powerful 12 amp motor spinning wildly. 

You can even put room temperature soup ingredients that you’ve prepared into this, and turn on the soup function to actually heat it up with transferred friction from the blades. 

All in under ten minutes. The 750 can also replace your need to purchase a designated coffee grinder.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 12 amp motor / 120 V
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Volume: 64 oz
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Warranty: Full 7-year warranty

#4 Vitamix A3500 Blender

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

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You want to kick things up a bit? 

There’s something to be said for quality over quantity, and Vitamix is going to double down to ensure you know the difference. 

There’s a ten-year warranty on this, covering relatively everything that you could ever expect to go wrong. 

That’s brand dedication that you can’t find on most small appliances. We’d be amazed if you even need to call on that warranty though, because this is built to last.

With a low profile pitcher, you’ve got an excellent spout to pour from, and an airtight seal with that rubber cover. 

That will keep everything secure while you use the pre-configured controls to choose from five different modes. 

You can have a total of seventeen different modes, but that requires wireless connectivity through the app. 

Vitamix keeps their app updated, but that—along with the four foot cord—is a bit of a letdown.

Mostly everything that you make will be covered with the five preset modes though, so you needn’t worry. 

One of the most helpful modes is the soup function, which actually heats everything up for you over the course of about six or so minutes (depending on volume).

Put on the programmable timer and walk away; the rubber feet on this unit are designed to withstand shock and vibration, allowing you to blend with peace of mind. 

There’s even an automatic shutoff feature to help with everything. 

If you get that app, you’ll have access to over 500 recipes, but you’ll also get a booklet with your purchase that comes with a ton of ideas on how to use your Vitamix the right way.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 12 amp motor / 120 V
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Volume: 64 oz
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Warranty: Full 10-year warranty

#5 Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

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The best Vitamix for the money, hands down, is the E310 model. 

You’re not only getting it for half the cost of some of the top tier Vitamix models out there, but you’re still getting a helpful five-year warranty straight from the manufacturer with it.

With a smaller price tag, there are a few trade-offs, such as the smaller pitcher (48 oz). You can upgrade to a larger pitcher, but there’s only so much room for versatility here. 

Whether you’re using the pulse or puree options, you’re getting a professional grade experience, due in part by the aircraft grade stainless steel blades.

Batters, nuts, coffee and just about anything else can be ground up. 

The E310 is considered a simple model, and a great way to get introduced to the Vitamix family of blenders. 

While there’s no timer function or a touchscreen display, you have enough variable speeds to get the job done, and a righteous amount of power to pulverize whatever lands in the pitfall of your steel blades.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 11 amp / 120 V
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Volume: 48 oz
  • Self-Cleaning: Yes
  • Timer: No
  • Warranty: Full 5-year warranty

Vitamix Blenders FAQ

Different Blenders

Not set on which Vitamix to buy? 

Our buying guide will help you clarify your priorities and needs for a Vitamix blender by answering some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Vitamix as a brand.

What Can Vitamix Blender Do?

There’s no need to do a Vitamix blender comparison; instead, we’re going to tell you the main attributes of numerous models, and what most Vitamix blenders can do that $20.00 department store brands simply cannot.


It’s a word you’ll see on a lot of blenders and food processors, but you’ve never truly pulverized food in a proper way. 

Vitamix motors are ridiculously powerful, and when mixed with the aircraft grade stainless steel blades (plus the appropriate settings that they’ve designed), it whips anything you’d like into a pulpy mixture. 

Works excellently for baking, smoothies, and mixing ingredients into a dish.

Grind Coffee

If you can avoid pre-ground coffee, you’d be wise to do so. 

Grinding your own coffee not only tastes infinitely better, but it preserves most of the antioxidants in coffee that make it healthy for you. 

Coffee grinders have to hit a certain grind size, so you’ll have to watch how your Vitamix performs so you don’t turn it into a fine powder. 

There’s an art to making the perfect cup of coffee, and while your Vitamix is more than up to the task of grinding coffee beans, you have to monitor it to make sure the grinds don’t get too small.

Make Frozen Desserts

There are numerous pre-programmed modes on your Vitamix, and one of them is on the more delicate side. 

It’s designed to perfectly meld ingredients together and whip it into a smooth frozen beverage (or a whole batch of them). 

Because stainless steel blades generally give off high levels of friction, these designated modes will be a little gentler with whatever ingredients you toss in. 

Some of them have a pulse mode that slowly imbues everything together. 

If you follow the instructions for the right volume, you can usually set and forget, and come back to the perfect frozen beverage.

Make Hot Soup

We talked about the friction given off by stainless steel blades. 

That’s powerful enough to heat up ingredients as well, and it comes in handy if you want to make a stellar soup without dirtying more pans or using the stove at all. 

In under ten minutes, most Vitamix models will spin furiously and heat up the ingredients of your smooth and creamy soup. 

This doesn’t work for stews where the ingredients are meant to stay a bit more chunky, but it makes soup hot enough to steam and melt toppings when it comes time to serve.

Process Food

Just like a food processor, only nowhere near as infuriating to use. 

The only major benefit that food processors have over a Vitamix is the volume in a standard pitcher or container. 

There’s very few differences between blenders and blenders and food processors to begin with, so it usually comes down to motor strength. 

If there’s one thing Vitamix is known for, its their motor strength. 

You’ll be able to save counter space (and money) by going with a Vitamix instead of adding a food processor to the order.

Those are just some of the uses for your Vitamix: make salad dressing, smoothies, dice up nuts for ice cream topping, marinades—it’s a gateway to endless culinary opportunities.

What is the Latest Vitamix Blender?

You can compare Vitamix models all day (because there are a lot of them), but at the time of writing this, the newest Vitamix model on the market is the A2300 and the rest of the Ascent series. 

In that lineup, there’s the A2300, A2500, A3300, and the A3500 (covered in this guide). They’re among the most versatile, and include Self-Detect™ technology, among other features. 

For Vitamix and their average cost, these are moderately priced and only increase within a small margin from the 2300 to the 3500.

Can Vitamix be a Juicer?

No, a Vitamix, despite being one of the most powerful blenders on the market, cannot be a juicer. 

There are fundamental differences between the way that each type of item is designed, but the most noticable is pulp content.

Blending fruits and vegetables will turn it into a puree. The water housed in vegetables can turn it into a drinkable, though thick beverage. 

That’s because you can only pulverize fiber so much. There’s still going to be a slightly thick presence left behind regardless of how long you keep it turned on. 

There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s actually quite enjoyable and far more filling, but it’s noticeably different than juice.

When you use a juicer, blades separate the pulp from the liquid. 

There’s an extractor that suctions the liquid from the fruits and vegetables, and presses it through a spout with a filtration system. 

Every juicer is a bit different, but this is the basic concept. You’ll get less than 1% pulp, depending on the brand and model you’re using (it can sometimes be less).

Juice is smoother, but it’s sorely lacking in fiber. Fiber not only helps you feel fuller for longer, but it aids in digestion. 

It’s estimated that 95% of Americans are not getting enough fiber in their diet, which is why we pose the argument that a blended beverage is far more beneficial than a juice drink. 

If you’re not a fan of the consistency of smoothies, you can pulverize the fiber until it thins out. You’ll still reap the rewards, but without most of the texture.

Can You Put a Whole Apple (or Any Other Fruit) in a Vitamix?

Vitamix blender differences are far and few between—each use aircraft grade stainless steel blades, and a powerful motor that can pulverize just about anything that falls into it. 

However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Apple cores shouldn’t be consumed in the first place, so you can’t just drop an apple in and turn it on and expect to drink whatever comes out. 

Pits or cores of any fruit are going to degrade your blade faster, even though there will be no immediate impact.

So you can blend most things whole, though you should avoid some parts of certain fruits to prolong the life of your blender blades. Some of those include:

Your Vitamix is a powerful device, but it still has limitations if you put it through unnecessary roughness. 

Most fruits without pits or hard seeds can just be dropped into your Vitamix, but for the sake of sanitation and flavor, it’s best to remove the unwanted parts first. 

Celery roots, butternut squash seeds, herb stems, to name a few.

Which is the Quietest Vitamix?

E310 Vitamix Blender

Vitamix reviews often talk about the noise level of these motors, some for the better, some that aren’t quite so impressed. 

The stronger the motor, the louder it’s going to be. Vitamix blenders usually have excellent ventilation and cool running motor systems, so there’s less to muffle the noise. 

You can’t have a perfectly encased, housed motor and have it be completely quiet at the same time.

The quietest Vitamix on this list is probably the E310. 

During testing, we didn’t use a decibel detector, but based on feedback from those of us in the room, the E310 could be talked over without too much of an issue. 

Any of these blenders on the list aren’t something that you want to use while your family members are sleeping on an early Sunday morning, though.

Ready for Pure Blending Action

$20.00 blenders off of the shelves in a department store don’t even hold a candle to Vitamix—you’re getting unparallel power, fantastic customer service, ridiculously long and inclusive warranties, and a brand you can trust. 

Your Vitamix is about to be the star of your kitchen’s small appliances for a long time to come; be sure to pick the right one.

James Foust

James Foust
James is a qualified chef and nutrition specialist with a desire to help everyday people make easy changes in their life for the better. His years of experience working with blenders of all shapes and sizes can be used to your advantage to make restaurant quality meals that are good for you, without putting in a lot of effort

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