Best Single Serve Blender: Find The Best Portable Blender

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Blenders have come a long way in the nearly 100 years that they’ve been around. 

When they were first introduced, the concept of having the best single serve blender—let alone any single serve blender—wasn’t even an idea. 

Now, you can bring nutritious food with you everywhere, regardless of how you get from A to B. It’s time to revolutionize the way that we all eat on the go. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the best single serving blender models and help you make an informed decision.

Our Reviews Of The Single Serve Blender

#1 NutriBullet NBR-1201 Model

Nutribullet Set

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The best single serve smoothie blender has to go to the NutriBullet NBR model 1201, simply because it hits home on the point of what a single serve blender should be. 

The entire system is less than eight pounds, and for a powerful 600 watt motor, that’s impressive that they were able to design this with such a lightweight build.

When it comes to price, this hits the nail on the head. Because the capacity isn’t as much as a standard countertop blender, they priced accordingly. 

You still get a solid 24 oz pitcher that can be stuffed silly, so you can enjoy double servings of thick smoothies while you’re out on the road or in the office.

NutriBullet only gives you a one-year warranty on this unit though, which was a bit upsetting. 

They’ve been notorious for having gasket problems throughout the years, and while gaskets aren’t expensive to replace, it’s still an inconvenience that could render the blender unusable for a few days in the middle of the week. 

You can replace a gasket with ease, thankfully. It’s a solidly built system. 

Leaks from the pitcher are rare as they come, so you won’t have to worry about malfunctioning equipment when you have this away from its base at home. 

When it’s on that base, you’ll be able to whip up a delicious smoothie in record-breaking time: five seconds, and you’ll practically puree everything that’s in that pitcher. 

The motor isn’t even as loud as you’d imagine, making it a more viable option if you’re blending early in the morning and don’t want to wake anybody up.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 600 watts
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Volume: 24 oz
  • Speed: Blends in seconds
  • Warranty: Full one-year warranty

#2 Cozibot Portable Travel Blender​

Cozibot Portable Travel Blender​

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Any single serving blender is going to come with its flaws, and the Cozibot has a few to take into consideration before you choose this over the NutriBullet. 

However, the perks that it offers are rare at the same time. 

This recharges with a micro USB cord instead of a traditional 120 V charger in the wall, and despite running off of a lithium-ion battery, it actually boasts a lot of power for its size.

The motor is 65 watts, which isn’t that much until you remember it’s a personal blender that’s designed for single-serve drinks. 

The capacity is 13 oz, so using it on trips or for travel is recommended—it’s not really much of a personal at-home blender for everyday use. 

Regardless of the size, there’s still an 18,000 RPM rating that grinds through ice and frozen food like you wouldn’t believe.

Cozibot’s main faults come in at its size. 

It’s an inexpensive blender that isn’t something you should expect to have around in five years, but it suits current needs while remaining inexpensive, making it great for those of you who travel for work often. 

There’s no need to get stuck with whatever is open in the city you’re visiting; just bring your Cozibot.

Cozibot is dead simple to clean, which is one of the reasons we love it, and the inclusive warranty protects you from manufacturer defects for a full year. 

It’s a simple blender, but one that will keep you in the habit of eating healthy even when you’re on the road.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 65 watts
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Volume: 13 oz
  • Speed: 18,000 RPM
  • Warranty: One-year manufacturer defect warranty

#3 Secura Personal Smoothie Blender

Secura Personal Smoothie Blender

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Secura may not be the best single cup blender, but it offers excellent benefits if you’re on the fence about getting a more expensive blender system. 

You’ll get two 20 oz pitcher cups included with your purchase, each of which come with drinking spouts so that you can blend, pop it open, and enjoy right away.

Each of those cups are easy to clean with smooth sides and minimal crevices for food particles to get trapped in. 

While it’s hard to match the power of a NutriBullet, Secura comes close with a 300 watt motor that’s sure to obliterate whatever you put into the pitcher cup, but it’s also going to make a considerable amount of noise at the same time. 

The good thing is, it only takes about fifteen seconds on average for Secura’s model to blend everything in the cup, so runtime will be limited.

The entire unit is fairly lightweight and portable, making it perfect to bring on a plane for a business trip. 

There’s never enough healthy choices whenever you land in a new city, so this will take care of your healthy habits while you’re away from your countertop blender at home.

The motor runs hot, so if you’re going to get more than 30 seconds of use out of it (such as blending both pitcher cups), then you should do it in a well ventilated area so you don’t cause any damage to the motor. 

It’s a personal blender for a reason, but it still offers enough power to take care of smoothies and soups on-the-go.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 300 watts
  • Weight: 3.50 lbs
  • Volume: 20 oz (2x pitchers)
  • Speed: 15-second blending
  • Warranty: Two-year manufacturer defect warranty

#4 Magic Bullet 11-Piece Kit

Magic Bullet 11-Piece Kit

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Magic Bullet is the baby brother to the single cup blender the NutriBullet, and like little brothers, it can be annoying at times. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a good system, but the capacity and the durability is less than the NutriBullet. 

It’s a very lightweight piece with a powerful 250 watt motor, so it’ll live up to its slogan of “Does any job in 10 seconds or less” just fine.

This kit comes with 11 pieces, including storage containers for excess produce when you’re blending. 

Because it’s built to take different attachments, you can upgrade from the single-serve pitcher cup size of 12 oz if you wish, but for most personal use, it will do just fine. 

Much like with the NutriBullet, you get a one-year manufacturer warranty that safeguards you from all manufacturer defects.

As for the system itself, it works a treat for smoothies, dip, and soup without worry. 

When you get into guacamole or hummus, that’s when the motor has a bit of a hard time. 

It’s designed to withstand the pressure from ice, but when you’re trying with garlic and chickpeas, it can get a little tricky.

The pitcher cups themselves are going to show wear and tear after minimal use. 

Scratches and dings are sure to happen, but with these, it’s a given that in the first few uses, you’ll look like you’ve owned this thing for a year. 

That’s a bit upsetting, but the cups still stay together just fine, it’s just nice having the luster of a new purchase last for a bit longer.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 250 watts
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Volume: 12 oz (can expand with bigger cups)
  • Speed: 10-second blending
  • Warranty: One-year manufacturer defect warranty

#5 Oster WPK My Blend

Oster WPK My Blend

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Single serve blender reviews tell a lot about a product, and after scanning so many of them before testing this one out for ourselves, we were happy to see that the sports bottle that comes with your Oster WPK worked like an absolute dream. 

You just pop it off the top and you’re ready to fly, no matter where you go. This is truly a travel blender. 

While you might leave this at home or in your hotel room, you just grab the cup and get to it.

There’s a powerful 400 watt ice-crushing motor that demolishes thick crescent ice as well as frozen berries, and immerses everything together into a creamy finish within fifteen seconds. 

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because there’s one major flaw that deranked this from being higher on our list: the motor heat.

This motor throws a ridiculous amount of heat. 

Oster apparently didn’t know how to counter it, so instead, they feature an automatic fuse reset feature that switches the motor back on after fifteen minutes post-burnout. 

That’s meant to protect the motor, but it gets hot enough that you can feel a spot on the counter where the blender base was sitting. It’s a little upsetting to say the least.

Everything does come BPA-free, and while Oster follows suit with the other models on this list in regards to their one-year warranty, they also have a three-year satisfaction guarantee. 

It’s a lightweight piece that runs hot, but it gets the job done and gives you an excellent to-go cup after every single use.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 400 watts
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Volume: 20 oz
  • Speed: 15-second blending
  • Warranty: One-year warranty, three-year satisfaction guarantee

Single Serve Blenders FAQ

What is the Easiest Blender to Clean?

Cleaning Nutribullet

The best single cup blender for cleaning has to be NutriBullet. 

They/ve designed the blade base in such a way that water flows right around all the nooks and crannies, and completely washes away left-behind debris right down the drain.

On top of that, the cups are easy to clean with a bit of soap and water. Since they’re fairly resistant to scratches and abrasion, you’ll have an easy time for a while. 

As they get divots (which any plastic pitchers from any band will do over time), you’ll still be able to access those rough spots with ease.

Why Should Invest in a Portable Blender?

Do you enjoy healthy food, and can’t stand drive-thrus that run amok when you travel to a name place? 

You’re among friends, then, because that’s something that drives us crazy. 

Your portable blender works to keep you healthy and away from the convenience of fast food, which is helpful when you’re stuck in a new city for a three-day weekend. 

Many people will suggest getting a juicer instead, but there’s a good reason as to why you should get a portable blender over a juicer.

A single serve juicer is pretty loud, and it strips all the fiber out of the food that you put into it. 

If your goal is to eat healthy and feel full, you need the fiber that comes in the fruits and vegetables that you’re working with. 

Fiber is something that we don’t get enough of in America, and it helps you feel full and avoid temptations throughout the day. 

If you have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll notice that by the end of the day, you barely thought about tempting food at all.

It’s better than ingesting empty calories. 

These are made to travel with you, so whether it’s a work trip, staying with the in-laws (the ones who deep fry everything they can get their hands on), or you just want something for your office so you’re not eating free bagels from the break room, you should get a portable blender. 

Don’t be the victim of convenience; be the profiteer of what’s good for you.

How to Make a Perfect Shake with Portable Blender?

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

You’re dealing with a less powerful motor than that of what’s in your countertop model at home. 

It’s still powerful, it just can’t handle certain things. For example, you’ll be able to blend ice fairly well, but frozen berries should be avoided. 

They can jam up the motor since they’re harder to crush (due to frozen fruit fiber) than simple ice cubes.

So it all begins with an inward look at your ingredients. You can make thick smoothies with ease, but you absolutely have to measure things out. 

It’s not like an at-home blender where you can just throw more ice or ingredients in to alter the consistency: you’re stuck with a smaller pitcher, so you have to make it work. 

There’s no wiggle room here. Don’t deal with too many frozen ingredients, and measure everything accordingly. 

On top of that, find simple recipes that don’t need to be frozen to be delicious, like protein shakes or soups that you can make when you’re traveling. 

Try your best to choose ingredients that are low impact on the motor, and you’ll get a creamy, whipped consistency every single time.

One last bit of advice before you go: portable blenders might take longer than the 10-15 seconds that they claim, and that’s okay. 

You have to understand how much marketing hype goes into the product pages of items like these, so if it takes 25-30 seconds, but you enjoy the end product, it doesn’t have to mean that your blender is on its way out.

What Are the Benefits of Single-Serve Blenders?

We’ve outlined the mechanics and interfaces of the best portable blender models, but if you’re having difficulty seeing all the different applications, this brief list will enlighten you.

On-The-Go Mornings

If you don’t have time to whip a full breakfast together, mix everything you need in your single-serve pitcher cup the night before. 

Bring the base with you out of the house if people are sleeping, or pop your cup on the base for a quick 10-15 second blend, and drink your breakfast while you drive to work. 

We’d all like to get those extra two to three minutes of sleep every morning, and this way, your breakfast is covered. Just don’t leave the empty cup in the car while you’re at work.

Low Investment Cost

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re big on blenders around here, and we advocate for top tier models. 

However, those are big investments and are rarely the best thing for your current budget. 

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective unit, personal and portable blenders usually range less than $60.00, and sometimes come with additional pitcher cups and containers to store food that you aren’t ready to blend. 

It’s a cheaper way to a healthier lifestyle.

Simple Maintenance

There are only so many working parts in one pound, three-blade blender. 

They’re easy to maintain, outside of core motor troubles, and don’t require much know-how to make simple repairs. 

We’ve covered a guide on repairing your blender, but for these small units, the informational manual should contain a list of simple problems and fixes you might incur while owning the portable blender of your choice.

Easy to Clean

They make the pitcher cups extremely smooth with little to no divots or curvatures in the design. 

That means they a bit of pressure and hot water will clear just about everything out of here. 

You should always clean off the motor housing base as well, but thankfully with these, that’s a simple feat to accomplish.

Personal Servings

You don’t have to make a batch of the same smoothie and keep it in the fridge—the whole point of this is to get something new every single time, so why not switch it up a bit? 

Each pitcher cup is meant to be a single serving, so you’re not bound to drinking a bulk amount of a single smoothie you made. Go wild.

More Nutrients

While coffee has a lot of antioxidants and good stuff for you, it can’t be the only thing you drink when you aren’t having a smoothie or a healthy shake. 

You’ll have such an easy-to-clean and simple method to get more nutrients in your body that you’ll forego alternative drinks in favor of a healthier lifestyle. 

It makes it almost as simple as modern conveniences, so the choice won’t be that hard to grapple with.

Blenders, in general, provide a better dietary path and allow you to get the most out of your ingredients, and a portable unit simply allows you to carry those healthy habits with you on the road. 

No cheat days, no bad dietary mistakes, just a better way to enjoy foods that your body actually needs, and supercharge your days and nights with vitamins and minerals.

Are Portable Blenders Allowed on Airplanes?

Portable Blender In Bag

Yes, they are allowed on airplanes. 

Since the motors are easy to pass through simple machines, the TSA can check these items extremely easily. 

Those motors also aren’t powerful enough to be seen as anything other than what they are: a blender motor. 

You should have absolutely no problem bringing your portable blender on a plane, so long as the cup that houses the blades are secured. 

Since blender blades aren’t made razor sharp and usually rely on RPM to crush ice and contents that you put in the pitcher, they’re not a viable threat.

Blend Anywhere

There are no more excuses for not eating healthy when you’re out of the house—bring along your portable, single serve blender that acts as a carrying cup. 

Keep it in the office and stock the mini fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, work it into your car trips, and you’ll see such an enormous difference in your quality of life as you do so.

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